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Immunity Defense stack! Hand sanitizer, immunity essentials, face mask

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Due to today's current pandemic, one should take every precaution to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Our Immunity Defense stack helps you stay protected from the inside and out!

Recent events have forced us to protect ourselves from certain airborne viruses....so why not make a statement while doing it?? Our masks are made of a comfortable cotton and spandex blend...double layered for extra protection and durability.  Our masks are 100% reusable.  Protect yourself! Express yourself!!

These masks are one size fit most.  With a very minor adjustment to the straps, these masks can comfortably fit children. 

choose from 2 bad-ass designs!!

The foundation of the human body is based on the wellness of his/her immunity.  Immunity Essentials, by ATS Labs, is a powerful “booster” for the immune system.  Immunity Essentials is designed to help the body be well prepared for today’s environment!


Loaded with essential vitamins and antioxidants, Immunity Essentials helps your body create a supreme defense line!!

Our hand sanitizer meets the required alcohol content of 60% minimum.  A natural formula loaded with essential oils, vitamin E and orange peel oil leave your hands feeling moisturized and clean.  Our formula moisturizes your hands, unlike other hand sanitizers out there that dry your skin!

Face today's environment with the back up that you need with our Immunity Defense Stack!


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