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Extreme Formulations Giant

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Giant Mass Gains
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GIANT by EXTREME FORMULATIONS, combines some of the best anabolic and androgenic compounds resulting in colossal muscle mass, density and recovery.  It's prime mover is a natural prohormone that facilitates hardened muscle mass and density while optimizing recovery. The supporting cast gets the most out of your testosterone output and nitrogen retention while keeping your liver safe.


5aOHP - is a naturally occurring metabolite found in humans and is DSHEA compliant. The body converts this compound to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) giving you the advantage against the weights. CAUTION!! This natural anabolic may cause you to acquire hard, dry, and striated muscle mass.


It's helped by a strong supporting structure of compounds such as:


Ecdysterone - which increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.  This guarantees continued gains.

Longjack - which improves the body's natural production of testosterone and speeds recuperation.  Thus putting the body in the ideal environment to grow.

TUDCA / N-Acetyl cysteine / Milk thistle - form a three-pronged attack on liver health and any damage that natural anabolics may cause. 


GIANT ensures that in addition to adding size and strength, you remain healthy!!


  • Rock Hard Gains
  • Solid Mass
  • Strength Boosts
  • Protein Synthesis Support
  • Nitrogen Retention Support
  • Liver Support

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