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Extreme Formulations Extreme Mass

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Mass builder
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EXTREME MASS walks the tightrope between protein synthesis and muscle breakdown.  Every athlete struggles with the concept of training harder while not over training.  Extreme Mass comes accompanied with mechanical stress on muscle and adequate protein intake.  Hormonal output must be optimized, while health and recuperation are taken into account.  EXTREME MASS delivers on all counts.


Laxogenin / Ecdysterone - dual edged attack on protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.  This is the best way to ensure you're getting the most out of you nutrition during this building phase.


Agmatine sulfate - in addition to vicious muscle pumps, it helps muscle growth by producing more LH (luteinizing hormone) and higher testosterone levels.


Beta sitosterol - is essential for keeping testosterone levels regulated.  With its ability to block the transformation of testosterone into DHT, Beta Sitosterol helps to keep testosterone flowing freely in the body, and to the muscle tissue.



Reishi mushroom - has antioxidant properties, boosts immune and liver function and even assists in muscle recuperation



This near perfect structured mass builder helps yield lean, clean, EXTREME MASS!!

  • Lean Mass Gains Support
  • Pure Strength Support
  • Hormonal Optimization Support
  • Testosterone Support



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